Fast Payday Loans Online. Part2

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There are some points one should pay attention to while applying for a payday loan online:

  • It’s advisable to examine lenders credibility
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly
  • In any case too many payday loans are not advisable
  • The cash you get should be used properly as you are going to pay back this amount plus interest
  • Pay the appliance price for lender to do the needful on your software

Payday loans were created for customer’s needs and convenience. So take the advantage of them. Save you money for a long and healthy life.

Handheld devices based Computerization of Accounts for Small Business Enterprises in India

In a bid to take information technology to the masses in India, the need arises for a low-cost mass access device that will take IT to the masses with applications related to their area of work. Handheld devices, which work on batteries, are the low cost alternatives to PCs.  The key to bridging the digital divide is to have shared devices that permit truly simple and natural user interfaces based on sight, touch and audio. The Smart Card feature that the Handheld/PalmTop provides enables the Handheld/PalmTop to be shared by a community. Humble people can get the benefits of Information Technology in a shared ambience using these handheld devices.

Application development using the handheld devices is one of the core areas of competence building. Our objective is to develop customized solutions using low cost devices to help IT reach the Indian masses.

Computerization of Accounts for Small Business enterprises using pocketable access device is one of the scheme for the harnessing of IT solutions to the service of small businessmen, the real back burners of Indian Service Economy.

The Application Service Provider will enable a business enterprise to network with other enterprises, suppliers and consumers across the world. It will facilitate e-commerce with maintenance of accounts of small business, Internet, educational programs, fax, e-mail, voice-mail, chat room and discussion forums.  Such ASP s may be manned by trained software professional with requisite infrastructures like Uninterrupted Power Supply, Printer, and Internet Connectivity etc. for all support and handholding services against a period-based subscription fee.

A feasibility study of the application with security implications along with prototype development has already started. Conception of the application, System Documentation and System Design are in the progress. Details of the security features to be incorporated into the applications are being explored.

Low Cost Interactive Multimedia Content Creation :

With the rapid advancement towards convergence of various information delivery systems such as TV, Telephone, Computers and Computer Networks etc. it has become  feasible to offer ‘IT services’ using conventional forms of information delivery systems. The integration of information delivery system with Internet has been a major facilitator for empowering people with information. This will in turn improve the quality of life and also social and economic status of the Indian Masses.

Reinforcement of social integration through Content Creation for Sikkim and North Eastern States is one of few major activities in the process of making this centre a resource centre for multimedia content creation. Development of Content using multimedia as tool in the field of cultural heritage, education, training, literacy, health awareness and hence linking common people to the main stream is the goal.


Interactive Multimedia-based Teaching of IT :

To overcome the shortage of IT teachers, an interactive multimedia-based classroom lecturing materials could ensure quality of such teaching at dispersed outlets.  Such classroom lecturing will be closely integrated and supported by interactive educational games and relevant self-testing exercises to speed-up the resultant internalization by the students. Above all, then such dispersed teaching activities may be remotely supported over the Internet (i.e. using e-mail, web-based supplementary educational materials, etc.) to iron out some of the variability in teaching local skills.

Historical Fiction using Interactive Multimedia to boost Tourism :

Anchoring on a 3-dimensional interactive re-creation of key historical sites supporting a synthetic film on local emotive anecdote, tourism could be more effectively boosted.


A comprehensive source for a basketful of skills/knowledge/information on the crucial areas in

(i)  Information Security Skill Certification Programme for Operating Professionals

(ii)  Advance Research on Cyber Forensic

(iii) Security Design for Information System

(iv) Emergency Response System and/or Awareness Program

(v)  Information Security Vulnerability Analysis of different Software Products (with recommended remedies like patches) used in the India.

Fast Payday Loans Online.Part 1

In our modern life we really are in great demand for time. That why on-line amenities are becoming more and more popular and appreciated. Fast payday loans have become the most convenient technique of getting money in a day. That is particularly convenient for working people.

Some of the advantages of on-line fast pay day loans are:

Handy- For those who is always engaged in work or research it is really helpful and convenient to get all the necessary information online and get the money in a day time. Moreover you don’t have to deal neither with paperwork nor with financial proofs.

Seamless- Best benefit is that you don’t have to search for a Lender. You get a Lender with no documentation as soon as you fill in the form online. It’s a paperless way to secure the client’s confidence of data security as well.


Small Target Tracking by Image Processing Techniques:

Automatic target recognition (ATR) generally refers to the autonomous or aided target detection and recognition by computer processing of data from a variety of sensors. In this particular application the optical system receives IR data, which is then converted into an image by an array of detectors. This image contains the signature of the target contaminated by clutter and noise. The objective of the project is

  • Detection of Target at low SNR environment.
  • Tracking the Target.
  • Generation of error signals to guide to control unit.

The development of algorithm and testing on simulated scene is complete.

Testing of algorithms on real data is in progress.

Assessment of Future Trends in Ultrasonography and a Globally Competitive Design of USG Machine – a roadmap for India:.

In this proposed pilot study, an extensive survey will be made regarding the possibility to come up with a globally competitive design on ultrasongraphy (USG) machine.

The study will incorporate following search areas.

  • Technology involved in this activity.
  • Future trends in this area of research.
  • Finding out suitable public/private sectors (who are already engaged in USG development/service), who can implement the developed technology in the form of a product.
  • Marketability of the developed product.
  • Identification of the important milestones based on which the work of development will proceed.

Face Recognition:

Face recognition is one of the vibrant research  area  in image processing and computer vision. In the area of physical security this has got potential application. The image  processing group of C-DAC, Kolkata (Erstwhile ER&DCI Calcutta), is on the way of developing a face recognition software for detection of a particular human face from a crowdy scene. The objective is to utilize the system at security sensitive public places like airport, inter-state bus terminals etc.


In this era of revolutionary changes in Electronic Systems and merger of Computer / Communication technologies, delivering value added systems should predominantly depend on proper outsourcing and absorbing latest IT Tools and Platform. In this context Frontending activities might be most vital even in Application R&D ventures. Normally Retrofit Automation activities require proper assimilation of several standard technologies with hardware / software value additions.

Virtual instrumentation is a new technology paradigm which leverages all the continuing advancements in processor/PC technologies, Bus standards, Internet based communication / software standards/protocols and all application / network connectivity features.

Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) is so far the most powerful software platform, which has almost become a global standard in this area. HP-VEE and other popular programming environments may also be used for VI development.

First success was Import Substitute Instrumentation Transmitters/Isolators for Satellite based Telemetry (Texas) Systems of GAIL- Gas Compressor Stations in Gujarat and MP – 1992-94 (Rs. 7.0 lacs) – First direct Industry Sponsored Project of ER&DCI, Calcutta.

A recent success is Feeding Regulation Project in Beximco Jute Mill, Bangladesh, 1999 ( US$ 12,000 sponsored by International Jute Organisation)First International / Dollar earning Project of ER&DCI, Calcutta.

Virtual instrumentation system for remote wireless barrage control and allied applications (Jointly Sponsored by M/s. Jessop & MIT)

Status: Technology development completed and accepted. Industrial implementation under negotiation with Govt. of AP. Patent awaited. Commercialization and further Application-projects are being negotiated at the National level.

Virtual instrumentation scada for integrated power plant management – (Jointly Sponsored by DPL & MIT)

Status and Prospects: System Design complete. Module level designs for the technology modules MICRO-DAS, GSOFT, VI-DAS complete. Development and Field Engineering jobs are continuing for TVA, NETMIS, TELE-DAS and other modules.

Remotely operated virtual instrumentation set-up for sediment/bedform studies – (Fully Sponsored by RRI, Govt. of W.B.)

Status and Prospects: Developmental activities have been completed in the spheres of VI Software and Sensor Carriage Engineering. The Project required technical co-operation of Delft Institute, Holland in the sphere of Sediment Bed Sensing. The Sensor elements/ subsystems designed by Delft would be modified and interfaced with C-DAC, Kolkata’s (Erstwhile ER&DCI, Calcutta) PC / VI Electronics.

Virtual laboratory development

Objective: Development of Core Resources for Virtual Laboratory and Learning Centre for Engineering students and Corporate Managers/Engineers in Eastern India with connectivity and distant learning features.